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CWMS Student Dress Code

Students and parents need to be aware of the importance of appropriate attire and its effect upon the learning environment. Attire that will disrupt the normal operation of the school shall NOT be worn.
The following dress code requirements are to be followed by all students. Those students who do not following the dress code guidelines will have to change into “Administrative” attire and will receive disciplinary consequences.


  • Hats or visors may only be worn for sun protection during activities with prolonged sun exposure. Therefore, hats/visors may be worn during outdoor activities in PE and on the blacktop during lunch. Hats/visors may not be worn during passing periods, inside school buildings or within the green gates of the campus. Hats/visors must be kept inside of backpacks when not in use.
  • Bandanas, beanies, sweatshirt hoods and other head coverings shall not be worn on campus at any time or during school events/activities unless authorized “dress up” day.
  • Sunglasses shall not be worn in the classroom.
  • Metal chains and spiked jewelry are not to be worn or brought to school.
  • “Sagging” is not allowed, pants with belt loops should be belted, and undergarments may not be visible.
  • Halter tops, off the shoulder shirts, spaghetti straps, midriff shirts, midriff blouses, see-through tops and revealing tops are not appropriate attire for school. Undergarments may not be visible. Students who arrive at school in inappropriate attire will be asked to change and parents will be called to bring appropriate clothes.
  • Shorts, skirts, dresses and shirts and sweaters worn as dresses must not be shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Costumes shall be worn only for approved school activities.
  • Clothing should be in a good state of repair, i.e. garments with wear or tear holes in inappropriate places are not permitted.
  • All articles of clothing, patches or buttons, which have slogans advertising alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or bearing suggestive, offensive or demeaning slogans are not to be worn.
  • Parents need to ensure that students’ footwear will allow them to safely participate in all school activities.