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Making Real Connections During Remote Learning

During these unique times, it can be challenging for students to make new friends at school, or even maintain old friendships.  Since there aren't any school activities, parents won't have a chance to meet teachers or other parents in person. 

Instead of seeing this as a negative, we at Charlotte Wood PTA are looking at this as an opportunity to get creative and think outside the box!  We have collected some ideas and resources to help families stay connected.

The Online School Directory is a great way to connect with other Charger families and for students to find classmates.  It is being offered for free this year. Only families who completed online registration will have access and will appear in the directory.

Didn't register?  Online Registration is still open.  You do not need to make donations in order to complete registration, although our families' support is always appreciated.
You can change what information appears in the directory any time by updating your profile in the Member Site.

Have you tried any of these creative virtual or socially distant ideas

  • Encourage your student to "have lunch" with their friends.  Lunchtime is typically an important part of a student's day where they can unwind and catch up with friends.  Make it a routine with a regular schedule (doesn't have to be daily).
  • After school homework time with friends (either virtually or socially distant).  Collect 1-2 friends from a Core class to meet with.
  • Boardgame making
  • Pictionary Kahoot with several families
  • Cooking classes with grandparents or other distant family
  • Art dates with friends
  • Cooking/baking dates with friends (all make the same thing while on zoom together)
  • Virtual Iron Chef
  • Mafia game night
  • Virtual skit (search for the hilarious version of Princess Bride online)
  • Art project competition (all kids were given an craft item to create something and then come to the meeting to show it)
  • Charades
  • Stop motion film festival
  • Driveway Neighborhood Concert (ie kids playing musical instruments)
  • Daily themes (ie Disney Day, Movie Day - and invite friends to participate too - dressing up and finding a thematic activity)
  • Online draw, and paint- Online Music learning - there are cool free tools out there and one can share on Zoom being a host - We can ask a few MIddle and high schoolers to assist running a workshop.

Do you have ideas to add?

If you have other ideas or resources for how to make real connections during remote learning, we want to hear them!