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Contact Tara Garrison  Tara Garrison Counselor
Contact Julie Mignano  Julie Mignano (925) 855-4416 Registrar/Counselor Tech
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Counseling Corner

Welcome to the CWMS Counseling Page!

Counseling Office Staff

Here is our Counseling Team!

Ms. Tara Garrison, Counselor 

All students with last name A - LEE

Tara Garrison

Mrs. Katelyn Shepherd, Counselor 

All students with last name LEI - Z

Katie Shepherd

Ms. Julie Mignano, Registrar/Counselor Tech

Julie Mignano

Counseling Office 925-855-4416

student support services

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

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Grades and School Loop

A student's "formal" grade can be found in the Infinite Campus portal under the grades tab several times throughout the school year. The following grades are published in IC:  progress grades (halfway through the quarter; quarter grades and semester grades.  Semester grades are the grades that will be shown on a student's transcript.

Prior to grades being published in IC, students and parents can see the "running" grade in each class through the School Loop application.  Students can log into their SL account as follows:

Login:  cw.student'sfirstinitiallastname

Password:  ID#studentsid#

(in some cases, students set up their own login name and password different than the above credentials).  If your student needs help accessing their account, they can email Julie Mignano.

**Parent/guardians must have an active SL account to view their student's grades on SL.  Here's how you can request a SL account:

From the CWMS website, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click on "Login to School Loop."  Click on "Register Now" and then "Parent Registration."  You will need to know your student's ID number to complete the request.  CW will use the contact email and phone number you provided to us to verify that you are a student's guardian prior to approving parent accounts.

Questions?  Contact Julie Mignano

Counseling Events