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Counseling Office



The Charlotte Wood Middle School Counseling Program is driven by the American School Counseling Association’s (ASCA) National Developmental Standards. These standards- academic, personal/social, and career development- are set in place to ensure the academic achievement of ALL students. The following services have been established at Charlotte Wood in order to meet these standards.
Counseling services include:
  • Academic Guidance and Counseling assists students and their parents to understand curricular options, plan a program of studies, schedule and interpret academic testing, and seek post secondary academic opportunities.
  • College and Career Guidance and Counseling assists students to understand and make plans for jobs, apprenticeships, and post secondary opportunities.
  • Personal/Social Guidance and Counseling assists students to understand themselves, the rights and needs of others, conflict resolution and encourages individual goal setting.
 These services are delivered through:
  • Classroom Guidance is a series of classroom lessons conducted by counselor (s) at various grade levels to promote academic, personal/social and career development of all students.
  • Small Group Counseling allows students to share mutual concerns with their peers. Emphasis is upon problem solving and the development of positive attitudes and effective personal skills.
  • Individual Counseling helps students learn more efficiently and effectively, with an emphasis on identifying concerns early before they become overwhelming.


An important obligation of counselors is to maintain the confidentiality of relationships with students. Therefore, the confidentiality of information received, and of any written or pupil records, is safeguarded. The counselor is obliged not to disclose information that a student has shared within the context of the counseling relationship, unless such disclosures are necessary to protect the student from posing a serious threat to him or herself or to others.