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Student Dress Code

Students should dress in such a way that classroom learning, safety and
school operations are not disrupted. In the event that a students’ attire
conflicts with a teacher’s ability to provide a distraction free learning
environment, students may be asked to change, and in repeated or
severe cases, subject to disciplinary action.

● Students wearing anything which obscures our ability to recognize them
(hats, visors, bandanas, sunglasses, sweatshirt hoods) may be asked to
remove those items for safety and learning purposes.
● Students wearing anything which is too distracting for the learning
environment (including ‘birthday’ balloons and outfits), may be asked
to change into less distracting clothing.
● Clothing should cover students’ torso, midriff and backside.
● Students wearing articles of clothing, patches or buttons, which have
slogans advertising alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or bearing
suggestive, offensive or demeaning remarks will be asked to remove the
offending item/ change their clothes.
● Hats, other headgear, and sunglasses may be worn for sun protection
during outdoor activities or lunch.
● Footwear should allow students to safely participate in all school
Students found to be in violation of the dress code, or disrupting learning
due to attire will be asked to change clothing.